Managed IT Support

Having an expert IT team to provide support, advice and strategic planning for your business can be invaluable. That’s exactly what VectorCloud can offer: we provide peace-of-mind.

Our team will provide proactive management of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business, confident in the knowledge your systems are being looked after.

And as your business grows, we will use our first hand experience and knowledge to provide strategic support and advice, helping you to remain competitive now and in the future.

Speak to us about how, for a monthly fixed-fee, our Managed IT Support can keep your IT systems fully up to speed and protected.

Managed IT Support

  • On hand to solve your IT problems

    Our responsive service desk can get IT issues resolved quickly and efficiently for you. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are in place so you can be confident that any disruption to your business will be minimised.

    Our Service Desk technical team consists of experienced technicians with in-house IT skill-sets, covering Desktop hardware & software, Disaster Recovery, IT Security and Cloud etc.

    To report an IT issue, you can contact our Service Desk by phone or email. In most cases problems are fixed remotely, otherwise one of our skilled technicians will come onsite to get the issue fixed.

    Our Service Desk is open Monday to Friday 08:30 to 1700 hrs.

    If your business requires out-of-hours support, this can also be provided as an additional service.

  • Working behind the scenes to proactively manage your IT infrastructure

    Knowing that you have support from a proactive team can give you real peace-of-mind.

    With a monthly support agreement, we will constantly monitor and resolve potential issues with your IT, 24/7.

    It means we can identify and head off many IT problems before they turn into bigger business headaches – you won’t even notice.

    With our proactive service, there are many ongoing and advanced checks, including preventative maintenance and monitoring of your key business devices, such as PCs and servers, whether on-premise or in the Cloud.

    We also include active monitoring of your business data backups and help manage your IT security to minimise your business risk.

  • Checking to find the best solutions for your IT requirements

    Technology never stands still. No matter how up to date your IT system is, something new always comes along.

    At Vectorcloud we actively seek the best new opportunities technology has to offer. We want to keep your business up to date with the latest products that could be beneficial and provide the best tools and solutions for your team.

    Included in our support agreement, is an infrastructure analysis carried out by our dedicated team. We look at your business network and infrastructure, checking how your system compares with best-in-class solutions, including security and back-up to analyse any system risks to your business.

    Quarterly or six monthly review meetings are offered to clients to discuss and report on best practice, highlighting best solutions for their IT set-up.

  • Making sure your IT keeps pace as your business evolves

    Do you know how your IT systems support your future business growth?

    With our monthly Support Agreement, we work closely with you to ensure your IT keeps pace with your business growth.

    Acting as your virtual Chief Information Officer, we discuss with you where your organisation is going and outline technology solutions to fit your business objectives.

    At Vectorcloud, we believe the key to effective strategic planning is for us to have a deep understanding of your business goals and needs.

    With this knowledge, we can help you develop, execute and budget for the IT solutions that will have the business impact you desire.

    If your business is looking for ongoing strategic IT planning and support, get in touch with us today.

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What does our IT Managed Support offer your business?

  • UK Service Desk

    We know that getting an issue quickly resolved before it becomes a major problem is essential to your business. Our service desk supports a range of IT problems your business may face.

  • Proactive Management

    For us, keeping your business IT system healthy means staying proactive. With regular security checks and active maintenance of your system, we're always working in the background to support you.

  • Infrastructure Analysis

    A robust IT Infrastructure is a must for any business. By continuously analysing your IT infrastructure, we help find and offer the best solutions to keep your business one step ahead.

  • Strategic Planning

    As your business grows, your IT systems may struggle to handle increased demand. With strategic planning and an understanding of your business goals, we can help you create an infrastructure for now and into the future.