What is Office 365and how could it help

your business?

Office 365 is the most recent, cloud-based take on Microsoft’s longstanding workplace desktop essential. Here at VectorCloud we’ve made no attempt to hide our love for the product, and as such, we’ve received many requests for more information about its features and benefits.

We’ve decided to put together an overview of what Office 365 can offer small and medium sized businesses – and to pose some questions for you. Take a look, and see if it helps you decide whether the next generation of Office products might be right for your business.



Disaster recovery comes in different shapes, sizes and levels of effectiveness. Backing up locally is one thing – but having all your data in Microsoft’s capable hands is quite another. Whether you’re the target of malware, the victim of an unfortunate accident or just fall foul to human-error, Office 365 stores your data in the cloud, meaning nothing will stand in your way of picking up after any catastrophic issue.



With the upcoming changes to data regulation there’s never been a more important time to make sure the sensitive details you hold are secure and accessible. At the same time, there’s never been a period where small businesses have been targeted so relentlessly by cyber criminals.

Recent ransomware attacks crippled the systems and operations of organisations and businesses – a problem that could have been avoided almost entirely with the kind of secure cloud-based storage offered by Office 365. Safe, secure and accessible – 365 cements the most important terms in business data handling.


If you’ve ever been stuck, waiting for a document to be emailed to you – you know how painful it can be watching business time tick away. Office 365 stores your files in the same, organised and recognisable way you’ve come to love from Windows – but they’re only ever an internet connection away.

Whether you’re in the office, on the road – or on a beach, if there’s something that needs your attention, you can access it quickly and easily – and edit with online versions of all your most trusted Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook – and more, on any of your devices.



Working together with a colleague or a team? Gone are the turn-taking collaboration ways of yesterday. Open a cloud-stored document together and work on it from your own screen – no matter where each team member is. You’ll know who’s working on it with you – and you’ll be able to talk, message or screen-share by using 365’s integrated Skype for Business within the application you have open.

Want an overview of how your teams are working and collaborating? Office 365 Planner is the new project management application that integrates truly seamlessly with the 365 apps your team are using.



Microsoft has always been at the cutting edge of email – and 365 is no different. 50gb of cloud-based email storage means you can organise mail how you want. Your new mailbox doesn’t only filter spam – but the new Clutter feature can identify priority mail too, meaning the most important messages receive your attention first.

Outlook on 365 also takes an innovate approach to attachments. Expanding on collaborative tools, you have the option to share the cloud-stored original document with your recipient, rather than a copy. Meaning editing can be done in-situ, rather than with unnecessary duplicating.



Cash flow is important – that’s why Microsoft’s subscription style billing makes Office 365 a small business favourite. Gone are the days of paying out enormous (and somewhat unpredictable) chunks of money for business-wide licensing. With Office 365 you pay for what you need as you use it – at virtually a program-by-program level.

Look at Microsoft’s plans, decide what you need based on your business – and not what they want to sell you. Requirements change? No problem, adjust your plan and continue – with no issues or interruptions.



If you’ve known the headache of working out who’s using which different version of Office across your business then you’ll be relieved to know that the cloud-based Office 365 is continually kept up to date. No compatibility issues, no software license spreadsheets – just a productive workforce.



  • Can you rely on your disaster recovery provision 100%?
  • Are you confident in your data security and compliance?
  • Can you always access what you need, when you need it?
  • Is collaboration on projects as easy as it could be?
  • Are you happy with periodic large payments for your desktop tools?
  • Can you be sure your entire team are always using the most current software?

If the answer to any of those is a ‘no’ – then now might be a good time to look at how an IT partner can help you plan a move to Office 365 – and alleviate those business headaches for good.

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