The Client

SST Sensing have been designing and manufacturing fluid and gas sensing solutions for over 10 years.

VectorCloud has been providing support to SST Sensing for the past few years.

The Challenge

IT Security and Business Continuity are paramount to SST Sensing due to the sensitive nature of their operation.

When SST came on-board with VectorCloud, they had email routed through a bespoke platform that had limited resilience as well as having a standard offsite data backup that was manually monitored and tested for reliability.

Their network security, although to a higher standard than most did not achieve the high standards that SST strived towards, as this was provided by a DrayTek firewall which lacked the advanced features required to detect and prevent malicious programs from entering the network, as well as being limited at preventing possible zero day ransomware attacks.

The Solution

VectorCloud assessed SST Sensing’s requirements and put forward a complete proposal to host their Server infrastructure in a Virtualised environment using Microsoft Hyper-V.

Also implemented was a state of the art Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solution which allows data or a whole server image to be restored within minutes to keep the business operational should a catastrophic hardware failure occur.

The Business Continuity platform is immune to 99.9% of Ransomware attacks and allows the business to continue to operate using virtualisation technology to restore a snapshot of their server, at any given hour, and allow users to continue to work as though the working instance of the server was still on their network. This solution, allows for the offending server to be repaired offline without impacting the business operation and then seamlessly brought back online.

In order to protect the internal network from malicious software, a fully featured Gateway Security and Content Filtering service was deployed via a SonicWALL Unified Threat Management appliance. This device allows customisable Web Content Filtering that aheres to SST’s company policies as well as helps to prevent Ransomware outbreaks by preventing firstly, the malicious software into the local network through heuristics scanning, and secondarily by preventing malicious Day Zero code from calling home to download the encryption keys through its advanced gateway security features.

The Positive Outcome

SST Sensing benefit from having a robust infrastructure through Email filtering using Microsoft Hosted Exchange, the flexibility of their Server infrastructure through Microsoft Hyper-V, a robust and state of the art Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution as well as being protected from threats entering their network by implementing a comprehensive gateway security suite which includes, malicious code detection as well as the blocking of objectionable website content.

“VectorCloud ensures that our network is secured against the latest threats through the security of Microsoft Hosted Exchange and a robust Disaster Recovery backup solution which is replicated to the Cloud, making sure it is practically immune to a ransomware outbreak. They have also deployed a content filtering solution which ensures whether a user is remote or on premise, their devices are protected and filtered in real time.

We have full comfort in knowing that our systems are monitored and maintained 24/7 and that any maintenance in the way of patches are applied out with business hours to ensure minimal impact to our operations”

– Julie Peace, SST Sensing

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