The Client

Siebert-Telecom have been providing innovative business telephone systems and telecoms solutions to various industry sectors through the Scottish business community.

The Challenge

Siebert needed to replace their Primary Domain Controller to allow them to upgrade and invest in a new Line of Business (LoB) SAP application which was under development by a third party software house.

To allow for the development and testing of a replacement SAP solution, there was a requirement to transition their existing infrastructure to a more robust and flexible solution over a period of 12 months with minimal impact to the existing business operation.

The Solution

Due to the limitations of Small Business Server, it was necessary to split the roles of User Authentication, Email Server, File & Print services, as well as their LoB SAP application across a virtualised and cloud hosted platform to ensure continuity of the existing setup during the developments – as well as ensure that Siebert Telecom Solutions had a flexible platform should there be any requirements for future expansion and development.

Once Siebert’s Email was migrated across to Microsoft Hosted Exchange and the Small Business Server roles were repurposed to a more flexible virtualised platform using Microsoft Hyper-V, a development environment was virtualised for the SAP development team to implement and test the new system without impacting the day to day operation.

The flexibility of using Hyper-V and VLANs allowed us to isolate a testing environment on its own network, whilst being hosted on the same physical equipment as Siebert’s live network. This would ensure secure development of the SAP system in a protected environment and a seamless integration with the production environment once development and testing was completed.

The virtualisation of the setup also allowed the offline preparation of the new Domain Controller to take place, minimising any downtime when this was brought into production and the Small Business Server was decommissioned.

The Positive Outcome

By working alongside Siebert over the 12 month period after acquiring their IT Support contract, we discussed the requirements and liaised with their third party SAP development team to ensure the correct specification of the virtualised server instance.

We also implemented our Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solution to ensure the robustness of Siebert’s setup, protecting their network from potential Ransomware outbreaks by allowing us to virtualise a snapshot of their server within minutes to allow them to continue their operation.

The virtualised platform Siebert now have allows for scalability and flexibility of their Server infrastructure as well as a balanced role assignment for File & Printer services. The Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email platform provides the security and resiliency of Hosted Services allowing Siebert’s employees to stay up to date with their emails on their smartphones and internet enabled devices.

“Due to the age of our existing LoB SAP system and the development and testing timescales to move this onto a newer platform, we were required to phase our infrastructure upgrades. VectorCloud managed this process with minimal impact to our daily operation ensuring our systems were upgraded in a controlled manner.

We now have an infrastructure that benefits from the reliability and security of Microsoft Hosted Exchange and our LoB SAP application is backed up by VectorClouds Business Continuity solution giving us comfort in knowing that our systems can be restored within hours and not days”

– Rhona Stewart, Siebert-Telecom

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