The Client

The NHS Credit Union helps care for the financial health of more than 17,000 members across Scotland and the North of England and has an asset base in excess of £22M.

Founded in 1997, VectorCloud have provided IT Services to the NHS Credit Union for a number of years and through our close relationship have worked towards developing a secure and resilient IT infrastructure.

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the NHS Credit Unions operations, it is imperative that their systems are kept up to date and protected from the latest cyber threats, as well as ensuring the privacy of its members data is securely backed up and encrypted.

Although the NHS Credit Unions head office hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, their IT systems require 24/7 monitoring and protection to ensure maximum availability is achieved and a professional and high standard of service is provided to their members.

Due to the complex nature of their systems and the number of vendors involved, it was essential that the latest infrastructure development was planned and delivered on-time, within budget and with minimal downtime to their staff and members.

The Solution

To ensure minimal downtime, the project was split into 3 phases:

  1. Upgrade of the existing PC fleet,
  2. Upgrade of the email platform to Microsoft Hosted Exchange,
  3. Upgrade of the existing server infrastructure.

The first phase was the replacement of the PC fleet which involved liaising with the relevant third-party vendors to ensure that their client software was compatible with the latest version of Microsoft Windows and Office products. The PC upgrade also ensured the NHS Credit Union PC fleet was ready to integrate with Microsoft Hosted Exchange from their existing email platform.

Once the PC fleet was upgraded and any minor issues were ironed out via an Engineer conducting an on-site floor walk, it was then time to plan and implement the migration of the existing Email platform to Microsoft Hosted Exchange. VectorCloud utilise industry leading tools backed by Microsoft to ensure this process is a seamless and pain free process for the end user. The tools and process we use also ensures that end users “autocomplete”, contacts, calendar entries, tasks and signatures are migrated across with minimal fuss. We also ensure that any local archives are synchronised and uploaded to Microsoft Hosted Exchange, ensuring that these are backed up in the incredibly resilient Microsoft Exchange database.


The final phase was to liaise closely with the NHS Credit Union Senior Management Team and various software and system vendors to establish the requirements of the new Server infrastructure. Once the requirements and scope of the project was agreed, availability was established and the planned downtime was scheduled out with office hours. This allowed VectorCloud to have the systems available for the additional vendors to configure their systems on the new setup.

When the Server infrastructure was upgraded, a VectorCloud Engineer was dedicated to performing a floor walk and liaising with the third party vendors to ensure that any minor issues arising from the upgrade were dealt with promptly.

The Positive Outcome

The solutions implemented into the NHS Credit Union by VectorCloud ensured that the existing system was proactively upgraded to adhere to the latest technologies in the following areas:

Microsoft Hosted Exchange provides high availability and security due to its advanced anti-spam, anti-virus and malware heuristics scanners. It is the defacto solution for business-critical email.

The Server infrastructure is virtualised using Microsoft Hyper-V to ensure reliability and scalability and is monitored 24/7 by VectorCloud’s Network Operations Centre (NOC). It is also backed up by our industry leading Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery solution, which in the event of a catastrophic event, allows us to virtualise the Server infrastructure in the cloud to allow the business to continue operations within hours, if not minutes.

“VectorCloud are our long standing I.T. support partner and take great care of our increasingly diverse technology requirements within the NHS Credit Union. They offer a tailored and holistic support framework with a tremendous level of customer service standards, engagement and integrity.”

– Robert Kelly, Chief Executive Officer

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