Who can you trustto backup your

business data?

Through this series of articles, we’ve talked about backing up your business data, the things to consider when finding a backup service – and some of the implications of failing to do so adequately. We’ve also talked a little about how you can work with a managed IT service provider to make sure the backing up that you’re doing is fit for the needs of your business.

Now, we’ll explain why a huge number of Scottish businesses trust the team here at VectorCloud – and let you decide if we’d be the right people to help you protect your business.

Why choose VectorCloud?

There are countless companies who could support you to backup your data – so why should VectorCloud be at the top of your list?

We shouldn’t – well, not automatically. Instead, we’d ask you to compare the way we work to the countless other companies who ask you to trust them with your business’s best interests.

  • Do they share our 20-year experience working with Scottish small businesses from the very beginnings of the internet to the interconnected world we live in today?
  • Do they approach your business with an acknowledgement of how unique you, your team and your way of working is? Starting first by understanding your business then approaching your IT with your exact needs in mind?
  • Have they spent hundreds of hours working with a variety of marketing leading products before deciding on which offers the greatest benefit and specifically suits your organisation?

If the answer is no, or you’re just not certain, then perhaps the experienced team here at VectorCloud deserve that position at the top of your list.



We have spent a long time finding a suite of products that we feel adequately protects your business data while still being financially obtainable by budget conscious small and medium sized businesses. Those products are by Datto – a company trusted by thousands of businesses, charities, hospitals and governments around the world to backup and restore their data – even when lives depend on it.

Datto provide their services only through accredited managed providers like VectorCloud – and in doing so, they can be confident that their products are supplied and administered correctly. Whether you need quick restoration of your data – or complete mirrored systems should yours fail, we can deliver Datto’s services with the precision your business needs to stay on track.


The final word in business backups

Not adequately backing up your data is like gambling on your business every single day – and when backing up can be done in such cost-effective ways, it’s a roll of the dice that is simply not worth taking.

VectorCloud have been at the forefront of IT backup services and security for longer than most businesses have been in existence. We continue to evolve ahead of the digital world that surrounds us – and we’ll continue to be the very best provider of managed backup services for a long time to come.

If you want to be certain that you won’t fall foul to the perils that lost business data brings, you can talk to the VectorCloud team without any obligation – we’ll listen to your business needs and talk to you about solutions that will stack the odds firmly in your favour.

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