Disaster Recovery

Keep Your Critical Business Data Safe

It is widely recognised, that a reliable disaster recovery plan is vitally important for the protection of your critical business data.

An unexpected event such as fire, flood, theft or the complete failure of a server or network, could result in the loss of data that is financially damaging to your business.

The number of records that the average business has to store, both as a legal obligation as well as data that is vital to your business, is practically impossible to recover without a disaster recovery plan. The amount of re-planning, re-building and re-working involved in such circumstances, could result in the collapse of your business.

What is disaster recovery?

Disaster recovery is the ability to recover from an event which impacts the functioning of your organisation's IT infrastructure. It enables you to implement a plan to recover from a system crash as quickly as possible.

The type of disaster can vary, but our end goal is always the same, to get systems back up and running as quickly as possible with minimal downtime or inconvenience to your business. Vector Cloud is proud to have one of the quickest disaster recovery plans on the market.

All that we need is your latest back up device and we can put it onto one of our own servers giving your business access to your email and complete network security immediately. We guarantee to have your business operational on the same day!

Avoid costly losses

Not only is downtime inconvenient and frustrating- it is expensive, so make sure your system files are protected by a data recovery plan. Vector Cloud provide a comprehensive recovery disaster plan that is quick and has a high success rate. It also keeps mission critical applications running, maintains accessibility and ensures the continuity of your business.

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