Server Install Stepps

Server Installation Services in Stepps

With the rise in cost of business technology and the rapid advancements of eCommerce, Vector Cloud appreciate it is difficult for small businesses in Steeps to compete in a global market. We have however, come up with a cost-effective solution that allows you to benefit from the latest technologies without having to bear the brunt of heavy costs.

Why should I choose Vector Cloud as my IT partner?

Vector Cloud is an established provider of IT services and are proud to have shared in the success of small businesses in Stepps since 1997. We offer a professional and flexible service that is geared to ensuring your IT system is working to maximum capacity to boost your operational output.

Do I need to change my server for Vector Cloud to be my IT partner?

No, you can keep your existing server if you prefer, but we are confident that the hosted cloud servers at Vector Cloud will improve the performance of your current network. Our engineers perform a free IT audit to all new customers in Stepps and we can identify where your current network can be improved.

Why is a cloud server better than a physical?

Cloud servers are the latest advancements in business technology and free up space in your offices to expand your offices and allow you to store your business data in a dedicated space that can be accessed from remote locations across a range of devices. You can therefore make your business more flexible for your employees. Cloud servers also free up more memory on your hard drive so that your operating system performs with improved response speeds.

How often do you recommend I update my server?

Servers typically only last four or five years before their performance begins to falter. Once you notice the response times of your current network begin to slow down and your experience more system crashes, it is time to change your server.