Server Install Southside Central

Server Installation Services in Southside Central

The cost of running an in-house IT team department to manage and maintain a physical server can put a strain on the budget of many small businesses in Southside Central, Glasgow. Vector Cloud offer an ideal solution that gives you access to the latest business technologies and allows you to compete in a global market without the heavy costs. Vector Cloud has invested in the latest technologies so that you don’t have to!

How will installing a Vector Cloud server benefit my business?

Vector Cloud use dedicated cloud servers that free up space on your hard drive and speeds up the performance of your operating system. Cloud servers also allow you staff to access files from remote locations across a wide variety of devices therefore making your business more flexible and profitable.

Do I need to install a new server?

Possibly not. If you are happy with the performance of your current server, you may not feel it is necessary to change to a cloud server - although Vector Cloud is confident our cloud servers will increase the performance of any small business IT system in Southside Central. If you have noticed a slow-down in your existing network, it makes good business sense to upgrade your server at the earliest convenience otherwise your business loses profits. To give you some idea, servers normally last for around four or five years before their performance starts to waiver.

Can Vector Cloud transfer my current network onto a cloud server?

Yes, no problem.

How long will the system be down whilst Vector Cloud install my new server?

Vector Cloud engineers offer to install your new server whilst your employees are not at work so that you do not lose any network downtime that impact on your profits. Our flexible technicians are happy to attend the business premises of our small business customer in Southside Central on a week night or at the weekend, whichever is most convenient for you.