Server Install Pollockshields

Server Installation Services in Pollockshields

The growing costs of installing a new server to support your IT network can restrict the growth of small businesses in Pollockshields. With the spiraling costs it takes to run an-house IT department budgets are stretched to the limit. Vector Cloud provide a cost-effective solution that allows small businesses in Pollockshields to benefit from the latest businesses technologies for a fraction of the cost. Our server installation services will speed up the performance of your IT network and increase productivity.

Why should I choose to install a Vector Cloud server?

Vector Cloud has been providing server installation servers to small businesses in Pollockshields since 1997 and appreciate the need for maximum network uptime. We have therefore focused our service on delivering a guaranteed 99.9% network uptime using the latest technologies in cloud computing.

How will a Vector Cloud server improve my existing system?

Vector Cloud is confident our state-of-the-art servers will improve the performance of any small business in Pollockshields. We have invested in the latest business IT technology so that you can benefit from the best equipment on the market, but for a far lesser fee than if you were to invest in the equipment yourself. As a result you free up costs you can use to grow your business.

Can I move my current network on to a Vector Cloud server?

For sure. We can easily transfer your current network to one of our cloud servers with little need to change the user interface your employees are familiar with. Should you need to upgrade your software on the new server however, we can do that for you as well.

Is a cloud server better than a physical server?

In terms of performance, probably not, but cloud servers do give you several advantages over physical servers. They are less expensive to run and maintain and cloud servers do not use up any office space. This way you have yet another option to expand your business.

When can Vector Cloud install a new server?

Vector Cloud can install your server as soon as you need it. We understand how critical network downtime is and offer to install servers for our small business customers in Pollockshields outside normal office working hours so that your business operations are not interrupted.