Server Install Kirkintilloch

Server Installation Services in Kirkintilloch

Vector Cloud has provided server installation services for small businesses in Kirkintilloch since 1997 and have a solid reputation as a cost-effective and reliable IT service partner. We understand the difficulties faced by small businesses in Kirkintilloch and provide a solution that allows you to benefit from the latest business technologies for a fraction of the cost.

Sounds great, but do I need to change install a new server?

No necessarily. If your current server is performing to its optimum capacity there is little sense changing to a Vector Cloud server if you do not feel there is any need. Although we are confident our dedicated cloud will outperform your existing server we also have many others methods of improving your IT network.

What are the consequences if I do not upgrade my server?

If your server is not performing to its maximum potential it makes good business sense to upgrade as soon as possible. Servers only have a working life of four or five years. Once they start to slow they lose your business money. The longer you take to upgrade your IT network the more money you lose.

Is a cloud server better than a physical?

Yes, and in several ways. Cloud servers store your business data in a remote location that can be accessed by authorized personnel across a number of devices. This makes your business more flexible and convenient for your staff. It also removes data from your internal hard drive so your operating system performs better. Physical servers may perform as equally, but take up space in your office that could be put to better use.

Will I lose any downtime?

No. Vector Cloud offer to attend the offices of small business customers in Kirkintilloch outside normal working hours so that you do not lose any downtime that will impact on your targets. Our flexible engineers are happy to install your new server in the evening or a weekend, whichever is most convenient for you.