Server Install Glasgow City Centre

Server Installation Services in Glasgow City Centre

If you are a small business in Glasgow City Centre you may be feeling the pinch of the corporate machine. Vector Cloud offers small businesses like you’re a cost-effective solution to your IT problems whilst improving the performance of your system network to give your productivity and profitability a boost.

Can Vector Cloud transfer my current network to a cloud server?

Yes, no problem. We appreciate you want to keep an operating system that is familiar to you and can transfer all your file content, email accounts and software over to our cloud servers without experiences any problems once you are back up and running.

How long will it take before our server is installed?

That depends on you. Vector Cloud run a flexible service, and for all customers in Glasgow City Centre we run a free system audit to determine where your IT system can be improved. We also offer to install your IT network on a weekend or evening whichever works best for you. Server installation ordinarily takes several hours so we will have you in full working order before staff start work the next day. Our engineers will even converse with your telecommunications provider to ensure your telephone and email systems are working.

How can Vector Cloud improve my current IT network?

Vector Cloud invest in the latest developments in business technology so that small businesses in Glasgow City Centre can benefit without having to go to their own expense. We then rent out everything you need to improve your system network, but for a fraction of the cost if you invested in the software and hardware yourself.

How will installing a new server benefit my business?

Vector Cloud use the most advanced hosted cloud servers that are proven to increase the performance of business networks. Because they are dedicated servers used only by you, there is plenty of storage space that does not weigh down the speed of your operating system.