Server Install Carmunnock

Server Installation Services in Carmunnock

Vector Cloud has been providing server installation services since 1997 and are committed to offering small businesses in Carmunnock a reliable service that is speed-efficient and cost-effective. We invest in the latest IT equipment and software so that you can take advantage of the latest developments in business technologies without having to front the costs.

Do I need to install a new server?

If your existing server is not performing to its maximum potential your business is losing profits. It therefore makes good business sense to upgrade your server. Vector Cloud specialise in cloud server installation that are proven to speed up your IT network and increase productivity. To give you an idea of timescales, servers generally last for four or five years before they need updating.

How soon can Vector Cloud install a new server for a small business in Carmunnock?

Vector Cloud provide a free system audit to all new customers in Carmunnock and issue a report where we can improve your current network. The time it takes to fit a server following the audit is up to you, but we only need a day to install a new network.

Will my business operations be interrupted?

No. Vector Cloud engineers are happy to attend the offices of our small business customers in Carmunnock in an evening or at the weekend, whichever is most convenient for you. We will also communicate with your telecommunications provider and set up your email and phone lines.

Why is a cloud server better than a physical server?

Vector Cloud servers have several distinct advantages over physical servers. Crucially, Vector Cloud servers are much more cost-effective for you to run and maintain than a physical server and you do not need an in-house IT team to repair it whenever there is a system error. Cloud servers can also be accessed from anywhere thus allowing authorised personnel more flexibility and convenience.