Server Install Bearsden

Server Installation Services in Bearsden

The cost of an in-house IT team and physical server is a heavy costs for many small businesses in Bearsden. But that is where Vector Cloud can help. We provider professional server installation and IT support services to customers in Bearsden and have an excellent reputation as a reliable IT partner. We invest in the latest business technologies so that you can take advantage of developing markets without the burden of heavy costs.

How will installing a Vector Cloud server benefit my business?

Vector Cloud invest in state-of-the-art technologies and are confident of improving the performance of any IT network in Bearsden. Our cloud servers will free up more storage space, speed up your operating system and allow your staff to be more flexible, thus increasing operational output and boosting your profits.

Will installing a new server interrupt my business operations?

Not at all. Vector Cloud appreciate how critical your network uptime is to the profitability of your business and offer a flexible server installation service. Our engineers are happy to attend your offices outside normal working hours, either in an evening or at the weekend, whichever is most convenient for you. We will even get in touch with your telecommunications provider to ensure your phones and emails are in full working order by the time your staff next arrive to work.

Can Vector Cloud transfer my current network onto a cloud server?

Yes we can. There is no need to disrupt your current network in anyway if you prefer to continue using software packages that are familiar to you. You will still be able to access your files, and using a range of devices. There are a few changes to the interface, but nothing your staff will not immediately pick up.

How do I know if I need a new server?

Servers typically have a lifespan of four or five years. If your IT network is showing signs of slowing it makes good business sense to upgrade your server otherwise your business will lose profits. Furthermore, for small business customers in Bearsden, Vector Cloud also performs a free system audit on your existing system to identify areas it can be improved.