Server Install Barrhead

Server Installation Services in Barrhead

Advancement in technology means the rising costs for many small businesses in Barrhead overstretch their budget and prevent future growth. Vector Cloud provide a cost-effective service that gives you access to the latest technologies but without the burden of costs. Being able to reduce your overall IT costs allows you to invest in other areas of your business and help increase productivity.

Do I need to change install a new server?

That depends on the performance of your existing server. If you have noticed it is working slower and not responding as much as it used to, it makes good business sense to upgrade your server sooner rather than later. When a server is not performing to optimum strength your company loses profits.

How often should I upgrade my server?

Server typically start to decline after four or five years depending on daily usage and how many files are stored on the hard drive. Our cloud servers reduce this weight so your operating system runs consistently at a high level of performance.

Why is a cloud server better than a physical?

Cloud servers give your business more flexibility and help to improve productivity. Vector Cloud give you a dedicated cloud server that is used exclusively by your company so you get a higher bandwidth. Cloud server can also be accessed from remote locations using a number of devices, allowing your employees to check their emails and edit work files from home.

How long will my system be down whilst you install my new server?

It won’t! Our engineers provide a flexible service and offer to attend the premises of small businesses in Barrhead outside normal office hours at a time that is most convenient for you; evening or weekends. We will even contact your telecommunications providers to ensure all phones and emails are working before you staff next arrive for work.