IT Support Coatbridge

IT Support Services for Small Business in Coatbridge

Vector Cloud is a leading provider of efficient IT support service in Coatbridge. We pride ourselves on delivering a fast, effective service that cannot be rivalled for speed and professionalism. Our highly qualified engineers are Microsoft certified and have an excellent success rate of resolving IT issues in super-quick time.

How can Vector Cloud benefit my business?

Our primary aim is to ensure that your IT network is running efficiently and maximising the output of your business. Our IT support services ensure that you have the maximum amount of network uptime, the minimum amount of downtime when you do experience a system error. We can also help you save a significant amount of expenditure on your current IT network.

How can Vector Cloud help me cut costs of my business?

Vector Cloud offers a wide range of IT support services to customers in Coatbridge including proactive maintenance, fast reaction breakdown service and a wide range of hosted services that allow you to cut back on your in-house IT team. Given that you will not need as many IT support staff onsite, our services help to slash your wage bill and you do not have to invest in or maintain a physical server. Our proactive service also guarantees you a network uptime of 99.99% thus increasing your productivity and boosting your profits.

What type of IT support contracts do you offer customers in Coatbridge?

Vector Cloud offers small businesses in Coatbridge managed and non-managed IT support contracts. Managed support contracts means that we will provide all the services and equipment you need to ensure your IT network is running smoothly. Non-managed contracts involve you leasing out our servers and other equipment, but you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of system errors. Contracts can be taken out on an annual or monthly basis. Monthly contracts offer small businesses more flexibility as you can upgrade or downgrade at a moment´s notice whenever your business demands it and customers on a monthly fixed fee contract also take priority for call-outs.