IT Support Blantyre

Computer PC Support for Small Businesses in Blantyre

Vector Cloud has provided excellent IT support services to small business customers in Blantyre since 1997 and is committed to continuing our support well into the future. Vector Cloud understands how critical your IT network is to the success of your business, with cost levels so high investing in the latest technologies every few years is expensive. Vector Cloud provide small businesses in Blantyre with a cost-effective solution for the long-term.

What costs can Vector Cloud save my business?

Vector Cloud provides a variety of services at very competitive prices that allow you to reduce the overall IT expenses. Our hosted cloud servers are state-of-the-art technology and are much more cost effective than renting a physical server. We also offer managed services whereby we will maintain your IT network on your behalf for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department.

How will having a computer IT support partner benefit my business?

Vector Cloud provide services that are proven to reduce your overheads and improve productivity, thus improving your profit margins from two angles. We also offer flexible monthly contracts to customers in Blantyre so that you can add or subtract our servers as and when your business demands it.

What IT support services do Vector Cloud offer small businesses in Blantyre?

Vector Cloud specialises in pro-active maintenance which identifies potential problem errors so that our technicians can fix them before they occur. We use advanced technology which guarantees you a 99.9% network uptime. In the event of a system error we provide a 24/7 fix breakdown service 365 days of the year and promise to re3pond within 30 minutes of you placing your call. We also have various other essential services such as data backup and a disaster recovery plan to ensure your files a retrievable.