Cloud Support Services in Stirling

What is cloud computing exactly?

Cloud computing stores all your business data in a dedicated server so you have more storage space, a faster connection and lower IT costs. Businesses that have cloud computing have the advantage of accessing data from one central location across a wide range of portable devices which enables you and your employees to access files from anywhere in the world at any time.

What about small businesses in Stirling that already have an existing IT system?

Whether you are a new business in Stirling that has just started out or an existing business that already has an IT infrastructure in place, Vector Cloud offers a range of cloud computing services that suit your business needs. We conduct an audit of your existing network and recommend certain additional measures such as cloud storage, backups, email filtering, archiving and hosted “cloud” desk top services that improves productivity and efficiency.

What about the cost involved and can a business in Stirling spread the cost of Cloud support services?

With Vector Cloud clients can be assured of value for money. All clients are offered a free business audit where their networks and IT infrastructure is reviewed thoroughly. Appropriate suggestions and recommendations are made to business owners and they have a choice of choosing either an annual or monthly option. If you prefer monthly payments we accept direct debits for your convenience. Contracts are custom designed to meet your business needs and budget and can be upgraded or downgraded as and when your business needs it.

As a new business in Stirling what could an owner expect in terms of response times?

 All small businesses in Stirling can expect the swiftest response times on offer in the area. They are offered:    

  • A 30 minute response time in the event of a telephonic query
  • If they need remote access they are given it within 1 hour
  • Any requirements for a visit by an onsite engineer is within 2 hours of a call being made