Cloud Support Services in Rutherglen

As a business in Rutherglen with an established IT set-up what will Vector Cloud offer?

Vector Cloud offers high-quality cloud computing services that increase your productivity and reduce your overall IT expenses. Our skilled engineers are Microsoft certified and offer businesses in Rutherglen fast response times to ensure that your network gets up and running at the earliest possible moment. We also carry out a free technical review of your existing IT systems and hardware and advice you of ways we will improve speed, efficiency and performance.

How soon can Vector Cloud set up cloud services for a business in Rutherglen?

Vector Cloud realises the significance of downtime and promise to set up your cloud computing system within in a matter of minutes. We ordinarily install cloud networks over the weekend when most businesses are closed so that you do not lose any production time. Alternatively we can arrange a time that is suitable for you.

As cost is a major consideration how will a small business benefit from cloud computing services?

Vector Cloud specialises in serving small businesses and the services provided are completely cost-effective in all aspects. Every single package is customised as per client requirements and will prove to be a much more economical alternative to running the business with an in-house team of IT professionals who will have to be paid besides having higher maintenance costs.

Hosted desktops can be accessed from remote locations using a wide range of devices thus increasing productivity and a secure connection guarantees a 99.9% network uptime. A dedicated server also means that your IT system responds in quick time, but without the hefty fees of paying for a premium broadband or maintaining a physical server.

What are the response times offered to clients in the area?

Vector Cloud is proud to offer clients in Rutherglen response times that are unmatched. We respond to telephone queries within half an hour, remote access within the hour, and if your problem has still not been resolved and engineer will be onsite within 2 hours of us logging you call.