Cloud Support Services in Livingston

Why is paying a host cloud IT support service the best option for companies?

The simple answer is because it is the most cost-effective option for businesses in Livingston.  If you host your own server and keep an in-house IT team for support it will be far more expensive.  With cloud IT support services a business saves on vital resources that can be allocated to other areas of the business. Plus you have the advantage of having a world class IT infrastructure that is swift and dependable with remote access from across the globe.

When does Vector Cloud provide clients in terms of services?

Vector Cloud gives its clients in Livingston 24/7 support 365 days of the year. Whether SME’s have a requirement for desktop services with cloud hosting, a requirement for data backup, email archiving, data recovery or Windows 365 you can be assured of 99.9% uptime that will cut costs and increase profitability.

Suppose a business in Livingston does not need all the services offered?

With Vector Cloud a business has the benefit of opting for a customized package that suits its needs. Contracts are designed to suit your business´ technical requirements and budget with clients having the flexibility to make changes in the package as and when required.

In terms of response times what does Vector Cloud provide clients?

The company is renowned for its efficient response time for IT services to Livingston based firms with clients on a monthly IT contract getting priority status. Overall clients can be sure of:

  • Having an engineer at a business site within 120 minutes of a call
  • Gaining remote access within 60 minutes
  • Having a technician respond via telephone within 30 minutes

What types of payment plans are available?

Clients can choose between fixed monthly payments or annual contracts with the option of setting up a direct debit facility for monthly payments.

When it comes to a cloud IT service provider why choose Vector Cloud?

Because we offer reliable, efficient and cost-effective services with a proven track record in the field of cloud IT support services. Their technicians have years of experience combined with expertise and skills that are unrivalled in the area in Livingston.