Cloud Support Services in Hamilton

For a new and upcoming business in Hamilton how will cloud computing services benefit me?

Cloud computing services allows you to store your business data offsite and retrieve it from anywhere in the world. This is the most cost-effective way for small businesses to manage their IT network as it reduces the cost of maintaining a physical server together with slashing the wage bill of your IT team. Vector Cloud has state-of-the-art servers that are secure and guarantee you a 99.99% network uptime.     

What are the kinds of services that Vector Cloud offers for cloud computing to clients in Hamilton?

They offer a whole array of services to all their clients in Hamilton which include backup creation, storage, cloud computing, email archiving, disaster recovery and Windows support 365 days of the year. There are a host of other cloud related services also on offer. Clients can choose to either upgrade or downgrade services as per business requirements.   

Why is cloud computing becoming a preferred choice of businesses in Hamilton?

For the simple reason because cloud computing is the future of all businesses the world over. Whether you own a SME or major corporation you will benefit from the advantages that cloud computing offers over conventional forms of data services and storage.  

How swiftly does Vector Cloud respond to calls?

Every client in Hamilton can be assured of receiving unbeatable response times by Vector Cloud. All queries via telephone are dealt within 30 minutes of a call. For remote access the deadline is 60 minutes and if an engineer’s services are needed onsite, we get someone to you within 120 minutes. The client is briefed at all stages of the resolution process. Those that have a contract with Vector Cloud are of course given priority status.  

Are there payment options on offer to customers?

Clients are free to decide for themselves as to which payment option suits their needs in consultation with an engineer who will visit their business onsite. They can select between a monthly IT contract which offers them the facility of direct debit to simplify payments or choose to go in for an annual contract.