Cloud Support Services in Falkirk

What does my business stand to gain from cloud IT services?

The advantage of using Vector Cloud IT services is that you have the freedom to keep all the data of your business offsite which decreases the cost of having an actual physical server and leads to a dip in overall costs of infrastructure. You also have the luxury of gaining access to your data from anywhere using an assortment of devices that is beneficial for your business and leads to an overall improvement in output.

For any sort of setup that requires IT support what does Vector Cloud offer businesses in Falkirk?

For all types of businesses in Falkirk, Vector Cloud gives one the choice of selecting between annual or monthly contracts whatever suits your needs. To facilitate business owners and simplify the payment process direct debit payments can be setup which gives you a clear picture of budget allocation.

When we speak of cloud services what does Vector Cloud have on offer?

Some of the many services Vector Cloud offer clients in Falkirk are desktop services, cloud hosting, archiving emails, Windows 365 support, creating backups and disaster recovery. Owners are offered an unbeatable 99.9% uptime, consistent broadband and the option of modifying your contract as and when your business needs to. You also get 24/7 support 365 days of the year.  

What is the response time offered to clients in Falkirk?

The technicians at Vector Cloud understand the need to have a fully-functioning IT system at the earliest opportunity and offer response times that are hard to beat. Businesses in Falkirk on a monthly contract are given priority customers.

  • We offer a telephonic response within half an hour
  • We provide remote access within the hour
  • You will find an engineer at your business within 120 minutes

What is the feedback from businesses about cloud computing services?

As per the IDC (International Data Corporation), businesses that work on a restricted budget prefer cloud computing services in comparison to having an expensive in-house IT team. At the same time there are select few service providers that have the expertise and technology to store large volumes of data. The team at Vector Cloud has the experience and requisite skills to provide expert IT services across Falkirk.