Cloud Support Services in Ayr

Cloud Computing for companies in Ayrshire

When it comes to cloud computing what services are offered by Vector Cloud?

Vector Cloud has a wide variety of services on offer for businesses in Ayr which include desktop services, disaster recovery, backup, Windows 365 and cloud hosting etc. We offer an unbeatable 99.9% uptime for networks with flexibility to switch contracts, constant high speeds and a 24/7 IT support desk available 365 days of the year.

What are the primary benefits of using cloud services for businesses in Ayr?

The primary benefit of using a cloud support service is cost. All your business data is stored securely off-site which precludes the need of installing an expensive server as well as lowering the costs of manpower in your IT team. Furthermore you get a faster running system that authorised users can access from anywhere thus improving productivity.

What exactly is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an internet based support structure that stores your business files in secure off-site servers. They dramatically reduce costs of your in-house IT infrastructure as you do not have to pay hefty fees for the purchase and maintenance of a physical server.  

What is the response time for call-outs to clients in Ayr?

Time is a critical factor for any business and Vector Cloud guarantees to recover your IT system quickly. We offer priority services to clients on a monthly contract:

  • Within 30 minutes of placing a call a telephone response
  • You will get remote access within 60 minutes
  • A Microsoft certified engineer will be at your site within 120 minutes

How has the business fraternity received cloud computing services?

In a survey carried out by the International Data Corporation (IDC) it was found that small businesses that operate with a tight budget find cloud computing services a very viable option in comparison to investing heavily on an in-house IT infrastructure. Because cloud computing services dramatically reduce costs, increase productivity and offer more flexibility to upsize or downsize they are becoming more and more popular with businesses in Ayr.