Cloud Support Services in Airdrie

Cloud Computing for Airdrie Businesses

How will cloud computing lower maintenance costs for a small business in Airdrie?

By opting for cloud computing solutions, businesses in Airdrie have no need to invest in expensive hardware and employing staff for the IT department to fix things on-site. As there are less physical resources in your office, there is less maintenance required and by having an outsourced cloud, there is no need for a business to spend on storage, backups, or servers etc. All of these are taken care of by your cloud service provider.

What types of contracts are offered by Vector Cloud to clients in Airdrie?

Vector Cloud offers all clients in Airdrie the option of signing an annual or monthly contract which can be paid by direct debit for your ease. With one easy-to-pay fix fee you know exactly how much is going out of your monthly budget without having to examine your bank statement. All contracts are custom designed to meet your business demands.

What cloud computing services does Vector Cloud offer businesses in Airdrie?

We offer a full complement of cloud services from hosted desktop to hosted backup. Our state-of-the-art cloud servers guarantee you a 99.99% system uptime and can be accessed by authorised personnel from remote locations across a number of devices. We also provide a first-class disaster recovery plan to ensure you do not lose any data that is vital to your business.

What if I want to change my contract?

Vector Cloud offer flexible contracts that are designed to meet your budget and business demands as and when your company requires it. This allows you to improve your business IT systems or downsize our services as you choose, and because we offer monthly contracts we can update your new contract at the earliest opportunity.