Cloud Support Services in Edinburgh

Why should I pay a third party for managed Cloud IT Services?

The simple answer is cost. Managed IT cloud services in Edinburgh are far less expensive than hosting a server yourself and paying a team of IT staff. You can cut back on wages and resources you currently spend on your IT department, but get the benefit of an IT infrastructure that is faster and more reliable and can be accessed from remote locations anywhere in the world.

What services do Vector Cloud Provide?

Vector Cloud provides cloud hosting and desktop services to help SME´s in Edinburgh reduce costs and increase productivity. We guarantee a 99.9% network uptime, but whenever you experience a slight problem take advantage of our unlimited 24/7 support line available 365 days of the year. Our service also includes backup and disaster recovery, email archiving and Windows 365.

What if I don´t want all the services you offer?

Not a problem. Vector Cloud offers a flexible service to businesses of all kinds in Edinburgh so we can put a package together for you that meets your budget. You can also upscale or downscale as and when your business demands it.

What response times does Vector Cloud offer customers in Edinburgh?

Vector Cloud takes pride in our ability to respond and repair your IT problems quickly. For customers in Edinburgh we guarantee:

  • A telephone response within 30 minutes
  • Remote access within 1 hour
  • Engineer onsite within 2 hours

Customers on a monthly IT support contract take priority.

Do you have a fixed monthly payment plan?

Yes, we provide monthly and annual contracts to all our customers in Edinburgh. For monthly payments we can set up a direct debit for ease of payment and because the fee is a fixed amount you know exactly how much is going out of your bank account.

Why should I choose Vector Cloud to manage my IT services?

Vector Cloud provides an affordable, flexible service and gets results fast. Our specialist engineers have years of experience providing IT services in Edinburgh and we pride ourselves in ensuring your IT system has a 99.9% uptime.